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Cheonggye Plaza was built on Sejong-ro Street, where Cheonggyecheon Stream begins. It was built between Dong-A Ilbo, the starting point of the Cheonggyecheon Stream restoration, and Sindap Railroad Bridge, with a length of 160 meters, a x_width of 50 meters, and a total area of 6,962 meters squared. The plaza is decorated with fountains, waterfalls, and walking paths. It was created as a place for meetings, harmony, peace, and unification, to celebrate the significance of the restoration of Cheonggyecheon Stream. A miniaturized version of Cheonggyecheon Stream is displayed here, providing an overview of the restored stream. There are also interpretive panels about the 22 bridges that cross Cheonggyecheon stream. Fountains of various shapes create beautiful scenery. Cheonggyecheon Stream is accessible from the square through stairs on the left and Cheonggye Trail on the right. There is also an 18-meter tunnel on the Cheonggye Trail, providing a unique experience for citizens entering Cheonggyecheon Stream from the plaza. After constructing Cheonggyecheon Plaza, the Seoul Metropolitan Government made it a car-free street on public holidays so that the plaza, waterside area, and streets could be used as cultural spaces for citizens to relax. A spectacular sight is created by three-color lights illuminating the fountains and a two-tiered waterfall coming down from a x_height of four meters. Palseokdam, made of eight stones from eight provinces in Korea, was laid along the waterfall's sides.

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