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Gildong Ecological Park was founded by the Seoul government by restoring the wetland on the side of Cheonho-daero. The park maintains and preserves a wide range of flora and fauna in their natural habitats, allowing park visitors to observe plants, animals and insects in a natural ecosystem, and to learn about the importance of nature conservation.

The 80,683 ㎡ park is divided into a wetland zone, forest zone, and grassland zone. Amenities include an outdoor classroom, outdoor exhibition space, observation deck, pergolas, and more. The bird observation platform in particular is a great way to birdwatch in the urban landscape.

Tel : +82-2-489-2770
Address : 1291, Cheonho-daero, Gangdong-gu, Seoul
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  • Available Facilities

    [Gildong Ecological Park]
    Tourist Information Center, observation decks (marsh zone & woodland zone), reservoir, bird observatories, wondumak (lookout shed), chogajip (thatched cottages), stonewall and stonework, outdoor observatory, outdoor lecture space, pergola, etc.

    [Gildong Ecology Culture Center (Opened on April 22, 2005)]
    Exhibition Hall 1: Ecology of Seoul
    Exhibition Hall 2: Ecology of Gildong Ecological Park

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