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Bukhansan Mountain was officially designated as a national park in 1983. Bukhansan National Park covers both Bukhansan and Dobongsan Mountains, and spans a total area of 80.699 ㎢. At the top of Bukhansan Mountain are Baegundae Terrace (835.6 m), Insubong Peak (810.5 m) and Mangyeongdae Terrace (799.5 m), which gave the mountain the nickname "Samgaksan" or the "three-horned mountain." The mountain had other names: Sambongsan (mountain with three peaks), Hwasan (flower mountain), and Buaak (mountain shaped like a person giving a baby a piggyback ride). The current name, Bukhansan, was given after the Bukhansanseong Fortress was built under King Sukjong of the Joseon dynasty.

Tel : +82-2-909-0497
Address : 262 Bogungmun-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul
Homepage : bukhan.knps.or.kr


  • Mountain Not Access Period

    Period of restricted access for fire-prevention and natural scenery maintenance, natural environment protection, and forest protection
    [Hiking Trails]
    Spring: March 2-April 30 / Fall: November 1-December 15
    [National Park]
    November 15-December 15 (Except Gyeongju & Taean shoreline)
    * TBD by park directors based on fire weather advisories, precipitation levels, and other local conditions. Refer to the official website.

  • Restricted Mountain Areas

    * Refer to the website (hiking.kworks.co.kr)

  • Natural Preservation Areas (closed to public)

    * Jeongneung Ravine: Bottom of Cheongsupokpo Falls - Sujungbo - Neopjeokbawi Rock / Cheongsupokpo Falls - 30 m upper Cheongsucheon Stream / Bottom of Cheongsupokpo Falls - Jeongneung Ticket Booth Bottom: until 2026
    * Insucheon Stream (Boundary between Hanilgyo Bridge - Jeonggyeongdae): until 2026
    * Ui Ravine (200 m south of Ui Office - Former Baegun Ticket Booth): until 2026
    * Gugi Ravine (Gugi Office - Shelter 4): until 2026
    * Pyeongchang Ravine (Pyeongchang Ticket Booth 2 - Above Dongnyeongpokpo Falls): until 2026
    * Sagimakgol Ravine Entrance - Bridge to an Army Base: until 2027
    * Songchu Ravine (Songchu Railroad Bridge 1 - 3, Obong Three-Way Intersection): until 2026

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