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Maeheon Citizen's Forest, located near Yangjae Tollgate, was created in anticipation of the Seoul Asian Games in 1986 and the 24th Olympic Games in 1988. The forest provides a scenic habitat for 94,800 trees of 43 different species including pine, zelkova, purple bloom maple, horse chestnut, and nut pine. These trees are rarely seen in cities and the park is a popular date spot for couples. In the fall, the trees in the park bear an abundance of persimmons and quinces.

Amenities and facilities include an outdoor wedding hall, walking course, basketball court, volleyball court (also used for foot volleyball), tennis court, barefoot walking path, and outdoor workout equipment. Memorial sites and monuments like the memorial of Patriot Yun Bong-Gil can also be found scattered throughout the park grounds.

Tel : +82-2-575-3895
Address : 99, Maeheon-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul
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    Grass plaza, pergola, barbecue grill, children's playground, sports field, Yun Bong-gil Memorial Hall, etc.

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