Suraksan Mountain

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Along with the other great mountains near Seoul, Suraksan Mountain has its own unique beauty throughout the year. Its cluster of small peaks is reminiscent of Seoraksan or Wolchulsan Mountains and among its valleys and peaks, a number of treasures unfold. These include Geunnyu, Eunnyu, and Ongnyu Waterfalls, Heungguksa, Naewonsa and Seongnimsa Temples, and Gwesanjeong Pavilion.

One of the most popular hiking courses on Suraksan Mountain is the one that starts from Danggogae Station (Seoul Subway Line 4) and passes Hangnimsa Temple and Yongguram Hermitage. In the springtime, the ridge between Suraksan Mountain and Buramsan Mountain is covered with gorgeous royal azalea blossoms.

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